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JEEON is an initiative started by a group of Senior IITians (with Top Ranks) who felt the need to significantly enhance the way students are being coached today for competitive exams and lack a reliable and smart “Coach” to achieve success.

Why School Connect Program 

Students face a big challenge to manage school and simultaneously attend a good coaching institute in their respective premises. Usually good coaching institutes are either quite expensive or overcrowded. Students struggle to find time for self-studies since a lot of time and money is wasted every month in commuting.  

Cracking the competitive exam requires strong concept and problems solving skill, while school teaching that primarily focusses on boards is insufficient to crack these exams making the students dependent on coaching classes. 

Integrated Coaching Program with school saves considerable amount of time which otherwise gets wasted in attending separate coaching elsewhere. The students can thus utilize this time for self-study which is the most important while preparing for exams. Coaching within school campus will help the students to enhance their performance through focus and specialized teaching methodology. 

We have observed that students who attend Coaching for competitive exams are more confident and score well in board exams also.

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Our Unique Approach

The digital revolution has triggered a huge opportunity in how we access, consume, discuss, and share content. Almost all competitive entrance exams are being conducted online, so as a student it is necessary to get accustomed to e-learning to reap maximum benefits from it.

JEEON has designed a unique learning methodology (called as FACTS) that blended traditional of?ine classroom coaching with live online interactive coaching techniques to create personalized learning roadmap for each student. This methodology focussed on a smarter way of learning by maintaining high levels of mental and physical well-being.

To deliver online lectures, we have developed an interactive online platform that enable smart class infrastructure in school. It provides a two-way interactive experience to students just like offline classroom where students can directly communicate with teacher during live lectures. Each lecture is supplemented with comprehensive study material and test series.  

JEEON’s interactive online platform enables students to take live online class for IIT - JEE | NEET | FOUNDATION | NTSE (Class 8th –12th). With 7000+ students already studying on our Online Platform from different areas / schools across the country. We enable students to take coaching from our experienced faculty from Kota and Delhi (mostly IITians and Doctors from India’s reputed Institutes). 

Along with Online classes, JEEON has 3 Offline Centres (Delhi NCR, Kapurthala (Punjab) & Meerut) in India; where we apply a unique mechanism of Online + Offline Coaching methodology through which students grasps the concepts well, enjoys the classes and learn quickly.

What we offer? 

We offer Integrated coaching program that prepares students to excel in their Board Exams and also prepares them for competitive exams such as IIT, NEET, NSO, NTSE, IMO etc. for students from Class 8th to Class 12th.

Class Schedule & Frequency

Classes will be conducted in the associated school premises. The timing of the classes will be discussed mutually with the associate school. However, we have observed the following options that work best:

  • Option 1: Immediately after the School: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm for 3/5 days a week
  • Option 2: Before the School Starts: 9:00 am to 11:00 am for 3/5 days a week.
  • Option 3: Intermixed with the School Curriculum: 2 hours every day between 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Collaborated Schools

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jeeon facts
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