About Us

What is JEEON ?

JEEON is an initiative started by a group of Senior IITans (with Top Ranks) who felt the need to significantly enhance the way students are being coached today for competitive exams and lack a reliable and smart “Coach” to achieve success.

How JEEON Started ? 

In 2016, after having gained years of coaching experience in various reputed institutes across India, the founders of JEEON started utilizing their expertise and latest digital technology to develop new techniques in Coaching. 

First, they developed an IT platform to provide “Live Online Interactive Coaching” to students living in remote locations of India. It was an unimaginable experience for them to receive highest level of quality coaching from the best professors of India right in their town.

Thereafter, team JEEON designed a unique learning methodology (called as FACTS) that blended traditional offline classroom coaching with live online interactive coaching techniques to create personalized learning roadmap for each student. This methodology focussed on a smarter way of learning by maintaining high levels of mental and physical well-being. 

Our Journey has just started and today JEEON is scaling-up rapidly and already helping thousands of students to achieve their Goals.


JEEON’s Commitment

Our Commitment to every Student is that we will become “Your Success Coach”. JEEON team will be there at each step to guide the student towards right decisions, overcome obstacles and ultimately become successful.


Our Mission is to help each student achieve her goals through personalized counselling and coaching by providing the best education material and connecting her with best faculty using technology to overcome geographical and financial constraints. 


Our Vision is to revolutionize coaching for competitive exam by making quality education available, accessible and affordable to students.

Our Testimonials

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